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Saul Vargas
Saul Vargas

Saul Vargas

Technical Editor

Living the dream, I started working for Lowrider Magazine at the age of 22 and have never turned back. After 19 years in the publishing industry I still love what I do from photography to working on custom cars. My life has been great! As a first generation Mexican/American I was born in the city of Los Angeles and I grew up in Cudahy, CA. At the age of 15, I purchased my first lowrider, a 1981 Cutlass Brougham. I quickly had to learn the basic automotive skills to keep my car rollin' on the streets. I credit this car as my stepping stone to the automotive knowledge and skills that I possess to this day. Landing my job at Lowrider Magazine was a fairy tale come true. I started off in the warehouse and eventually was asked that I contribute towards writing features. One day I was handed a camera along with a quick lesson, and I never stopped pushing the button as I continued to receive my on the job training. Being the Tech editor definitely has some benefits. I have worked with several companies in our industry through the building of car projects and helping them develop products for our industry. I have also helped influence the lowrider market through articles, and in some cases suggested to the automotive aftermarket manufacturers what was needed for our type of automotive industry. As far as mechanics, photography and writing goes, it's been almost 20 years and I'm still lucky enough to do what I enjoy as an employee and hobbyist all while shooting beautiful girls along the side of the nations top lowrider vehicles.
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    2011 Ford F-150 - Brake Upgrade Made Easy
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    , Photography by Saul Vargas

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