Remington Box is no square. Sure, he works a day job as a mild-mannered graphic artist at the local newspaper, where he lays out advertising and articles in the useful, but hardly stimulating, blocky format demanded by that medium. By night, however, Remington Box the salary man becomes Remington Box Designs, the creative professional who gets the job done with visual panache. Need a promotional flyer or automotive rendering? Done. And, would you like that in metallic cocoa fuscia?

Jokes aside, Remington has been a car fan since he was born, by his reckoning. In high school, he applied his enthusiasm for auto design by snapping photos of friends' cars and then redesigning them with Photoshop for everyone's enjoyment. His mother almost kicked him out of the house for bringing home Truckin' magazine each month. She didn't like all the naughty girls we used to put in the mag. Luckily for us, no one could stop Remington from exploring the auto aftermarket by flipping through Truckin' (Sorry, mom).

We don't cover the HHR very often, but this rendering of a panel version sure caught our eyes. It's shaved, 'dropped, rolling on big wheels, and graced with a paint scheme that looks like it could actually be executed while still looking cool. The rendering made us wish we could carry that sci-fi backdrop everywhere we went, folded up like those windshield sun covers. Any time we want to dazzle a judge at a show, we could just pull the expando-sunset out of the glovebox, pop it open, and pow! I'll take an order of first prize, please. It would kind of be like having that singular sparkle of light that goes "ding" off our pearly whites when we give our girlfriends a movie-star grin.

Check out this rendering of the Pathfinder. It's Nissan's midsize SUV, which shares a platform with the pickup. We don't see too many of these SUVs popping up in the custom scene. And why not? It's big. And if you don't like the way the stock version looks, then cut, paint, and weld away. If nothing else, we would like to see someone try to stuff those ginormous wheels under that SUV.