Chris Southworth builds fantasies. He makes custom kitchens and commercial millwork, and much of his work can be seen in the pseudo-reality in various Las Vegas casinos. At the end of the day, however, he flicks on the computer, launches Photoshop, and starts building another reality of an automotive kind. It's a creative, fulfilling hobby for him that went from a casual curiosity to fiery preoccupation in March 2006 when he discovered the Photochop forums at He hasn't a preference for either domestic or import brands, cars, or trucks. He just likes what looks good and will try to pick up where the manufacturer left off. If it's a car, he tries to give it an aggressive look that exudes pucker factor, should you see it getting larger and larger in your rearview mirror. Chris is more flexible when it comes to trucks. He'll lift or lower them and do whatever it takes to make them look awesome. Case in point, take this Frontier.

ColombadoChris said he's meticulous about his 'shop work. When you consider that he plays with Photoshop every day, both of those may be a sign of either an unrequited perfectionist or a true automotive junkie. The trucks we are showing you have been completely brushed, except for the wheels and tires. Each image consists of hundreds of layers and excessive hours. As he puts it, "The small details are everything, and I'm not satisfied until everything looks perfect." We can see that.

chris southworth