What's A Ute?
Although the Chevrolet El Camino (Elco) debuted seven years earlier, the title of Chevy's first pony car is held by the Camaro. The whole idea behind an El Camino is something that would provide utility and performance. By design, it was inevitable that the first generation El Camino's 289ci small-block V-8 engine was pulled to be reequipped with Chevy's 302ci, 327ci, 350ci, 400ci small-blocks, and the occasional shoehorning of a 396ci big-block.

This month's artist, Bo Zolland, was inspired by the El Camino at a young age. He has developed this vision of a modern El Camino based off of a Holden Ute design. By age 55, Bo has used every type of drawing utensil known to man to bring his concepts to fruition. Just like this modernized concept, Bo has stayed in tune with the latest and greatest tools for his trade. He used 3D Studio Max to render these four fine specimens.

Where did he get this concept from? The main body is based off a GM affiliate automotive manufacturing company, Holden. That's right, the '80s "Coffin" Elco did not designate the death of the El Camino. Holden has a current version of the Elco in its line of offerings, known as the Ute. With the aid of some Camaro-styling cues of this sport, Ute has some major potential.

Artist: Bo Zolland
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