Granted, there was a lot more to that era than just Super Sports or big-blocks or drag racing... Consider that Trans Am racing was hot, and that an import company (Datsun) was a force to be reckoned with in their legendary 510s. Fast-forward to modern times, and the company now known as Nissan has created some killer muscle-truck potential with its Pathfinder V-8, and a mash-up of modern technology and racing history was inevitable.

I threw together this concept for a Trans Am racer, using styling cues from the championship 510 cars, and making the most of today's technology. It's a bit of a tuner, sure; but this is all-out performance from an SUV with an intercooled, supercharged 5.6L, full suspension upgrades (feel free to browse the local wrecking yards for Infinity models with a killer suspension!) and, it has all the racing goodies you can stuff in there. The custom fascia houses massive driving lights (24-hour racing, anyone?), with the original fog lamp holes now feeding cool air to six-piston brakes, and the rear doors were reworked to do the same for the aft-mounted stoppers.

Imagine a whole field of these monsters screaming around the track.

Artist: Brian Stupski
Problem Child Kustoms Studio
Gilbert, AZ
(480) 353-1795