When contemplating the build of a serious frame-off project, it is always best to consult with a rendering expert. Working with a professional visionary mind can process your imaginary dream onto paper. Seeing the image firsthand enables you to make changes on paper, which is much easier than trying to physically fabricate it beforehand, only to find out it won't work. The assistance of a rendering artist will save both time and money during your project's journey.

While attending this year's Goodguys Show at Del Mar, California, I spoke with Keith and Mitch Kaucher from Kaucher Design Werks and Kaucher Kustoms in Santa Monica, California, to find out what makes their services so unique. Their dedicated passion for custom cars and trucks is their main driving force.

His mechanical influence came from his dad, Martin. However, Keith attributes his mother, Elizabeth, with his artistic gift in design and styling. While building 1:1 scale cars, his dad also built 1/24 and 1/25 scale cars and trucks. Keith was mesmerized by his dad's ability to create small-scale models out of a box full of small parts.

Keith wanted to build models by the age of 5, although his mother thought he was a little too young; due to the glue, sharp instruments, and paints. His dad told him he could get his first model on his 9th birthday. When the magical day came, he couldn't wait to purchase his first plastic model. His dad took him down to the local hobby shop, where Keith purchased his first plastic model, an AMT '40 Ford. As they say, the rest is history. After building hundreds of models throughout the years, Keith has achieved a 3-D vision that some artists can't grasp.