Keith began Kaucher Kustoms in 1994 from his house in Santa Monica, while working for Superior Wheel, where he designed wheels from '95-'99. While at Superior, it was his influence and design that implemented the torque-thrust style spoke wheels on the '98-'99 Mustang GT. While attending a design show in Detroit, where his torque-thrust wheel was displayed on a Ford Mustang, Roush Racing saw it and decided to use it on the Mustang that terrorized the streets in the movie Bullet II.

Still pursuing his dream of creating dream cars for customers, Keith met his mentors, Steve Stanford and Thom Taylor, who helped to give him the self-assurance to pursue his dream. The three have developed a constructive and social relationship among the small artist rendering fraternity.

Keith's younger brother, Mitch, joined his brother in 2005. Mitch heads up the marketing and promotional aspects of Kaucher Kustoms, and it has become a win-win for both.

Keith's degree in Industrial Design trained his eye to observe images in correct proportions and dimensions. His exterior renderings are displayed as left and right sides, front, rear, and top views. He also renders the engine compartment and interior. Besides offering a paper rendering, Kaucher Kustoms can also provide the rendering in a computer-generated 3D model, as well as a 3D scale model of the designed rendering. It gives both customer and fabricator everything needed to create that custom dream.

Kaucher Kustoms Design Services Include:
* Conceptual development
* Full color renderings
* 3D computer renderings
* Custom car and truck hot-rod design
* Body shop liason
* Mock-up work for metal fabrication
* Rapid prototype scale models