Chris Davis uses Photoshop to alter, manipulate, and create vehicles that would be killer, if actually built. This month, Chris shows us two cool variations of the Hummer SUT. This rendering features a 1-ton almost semi-truck appearance, with huge exhaust stacks, dualie wheels, an airbagged suspension, and H-350 emblems. The stretched bed and dualie fenders add to the custom looks.

Design two is insane. Even though Hummer never made a standard cab SUT, the one Chris created looks like they should have made it. The cab lost two of its doors, was airbagged, stuffed with huge wheels, and the bed floor was cut out. Another cool touch was that Chris made the paint look patina from years of neglect and rust. Clear taillights, a center exhaust, and a Duramax diesel round out the mods.

Artist: Chris Davis
Hooligans Design
(860) 265-3041