Tavis' personal project is a '53 Willys Wagon. This is how he described it to us: "I put a new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 in a blender with a '53 Willys Wagon and this is the result. On the outside, it looks like a fairly normal SUV; but when it opens up, it's a totally different story. This Willys is using the same overall idea as the SRT8, mixing a somewhat unsuspecting exterior with a potent drivetrain. A new Mopar Performance 6.1L Hemi with 450 hp will be backed up by a Mopar Performance Viper T56 six-speed transmission. The frame is fully boxed, independent suspension has been added to the front, and a Ford 8.8-inch rearend plants the power. Interior mods are minimal, in order to keep the Willys' original bare-bones feel. A Wilwood pedal setup, Lecarra Mark 4 Classic steering wheel, and Haneline combo gauge keeps everything simple. The whole package should make for a super fun driver, plus it can haul your friends and cargo at the same time!"

Tavis also digitally created what he calls a Peterbuilt 387. He gave us the skinny on this big boy. According to Tavis, "Subtlety isn't always found in hot-rod big rigs, so I thought I'd give it a try. The wheels are one-offs with a classic look. The centers are powdercoated to give them a cast appearance, while the hoops have been polished. A chopped down set of rear fenders provides minimal protection, but looks killer. The front end has been extremely modified. Gone is the massive bumper that usually resides there. Instead, the whole grille has been brought farther down, giving the truck a much lower, aggressive look. The headlights are custom units, as are the running lights on the bottom of the chin. Big 8-inch kick-out stacks, a brushed aluminum cab visor, and two-tone red and satin charcoal paint completed the look."

Artist: Tavis Highlander
(360) 461-1668