Hailing from Houston, Texas, Chase McGee gained interest in the rendering process after seeing so many cool concepts and digital modifications in magazines and wishing to see such ideas come to life. Chase is a young up-and-coming designer given his tender 18-year-old age, but his drive to create absurdly awesome renderings is strong within him and it shows from the few times we've contacted him about his work. Chase will be starting his senior year in high school this fall and he plans to follow his passion and study graphic design to further build on his already strong skills - skills that he has been able to hone all on his own. Chase's mom saw just how determined he was to learn digitally sculpting of concept vehicles, so she brought home a copy of Photoshop 6.0, which has proved to be a perfect learning tool. Frustration set in as Chase began navigating his way through the unfamiliar program, but after a boatload of all-nighters and a few online tutorials, he has been able to finally get the realistic color changes and basic tweaks he wanted to see on-screen.

Chase chose the name Ground Pounder Designs to stamp each and every one of his finished renderings with and he plans to keep the ball rolling and get more work done under the title. Chase has been keeping busy as of late as he has knocked out a few renderings for some of his friends.

The black Silverado with the KMC Rockstar wheels, which are usually seen on lifted rigs but look awesome under a slammed Chevy body, was based on a truck owned by one of Chase's friends. Although helping a friend envision what his truck would look like with a full air-ride suspension and new wheels, Chase also has some pretty cool concept truck visions like his Tacoma/S-10 mash-up and the Colorado dualie that would look totally insane in person.

Be sure to check out Chase's Myspace page where he has uploaded even more digital delights for your viewing pleasure.

Artist: Chase McGee
Ground Pounder Designs