Ed was introduced to cool cars at a rather young age. In 1972, when he was four years old, his parents brought home a '66 Pontiac GTO convertible - what kid wouldn't fall in love with an automotive specimen like that parked on the driveway? Ed himself was a proud owner of more than a few simply amazing vehicles during his early years, which included a '66 Chevelle SS, a '69 Chevelle, a '63 Impala, and then finally his holy grail of cars was attained-a '67 GTO. Ed was 16 at the time-crazy, right?

With the combination of many hands-on hours of customizing cars, his study of drafting in college, and a love affair with creative drawing, Ed was a natural fit into the world of auto renderings. "Fast Eddy" has drawn up quite a number of renderings for vehicles that have been completed and featured in Truckin' and other enthusiast publications. If you have a project truck or car in the works, give Fast Eddy's Hot Rod Art a call. His 11x17-inch renderings are available in one, two, or three angle views to give you a 360-degree vision of your ride's full potential.

Artist: Ed White
(281) 455-2883