Nate Shrum was introduced to trucks at a rather young age. His grandfather owned a Chevy dealership and Nate would usually walk right past the rows of cars just to admire the brand-new, Bow Tie haulers. Nate was also interested in drawing and sketching at the time, so creating custom trucks on paper came naturally. Nate thought he would take his love of art to the next level, and he enrolled in his first graphic design class as a sophomore in high school and after he graduated, became a graphic design major in college. The visual works of KEG-Media, Eye Kandy Designs, Graphic Disorder, and Surface Art have inspired Nate to focus on vehicle renderings. Nate plans on turning his passion for graphic design into a career, and by the looks of his work and his positive attitude, we believe he has a very promising future ahead of him!

Artist: Nate Shrum