The impact that conceptual design has on automotive fans, whether it's from sketches of prototyped vehicles that will never reach production or detailed illustrations of actual custom builds in progress, is a sacred thing since it evokes such creativity and inspiration. Joel Nelson found his own creative inspiration from the outlaw muscle cars he saw running from cops on television-he admits that he used to be able to draw the General Lee in his sleep. In the nineties, Joel started noticing the works of custom design icons Thom Taylor, Chip Foose, and his personal hero, Steve Stanford, which further convinced him that automotive rendering would be his art form of choice. Having the opportunity to meet Jimmy Smith and Brian Stupski of Problem Child Kustoms also strengthened Joel's appreciation for the artistic process behind automotive design.

We have seen many types of mediums used in the world of rendering design, from hand drawn illustrations to digital creations - the talent that is out there and available for your next custom project is nothing less than amazing. We were curious just how Joel's creative mind operates, so we asked him about his personal design method. "I usually start out by getting as much reference as possible and do a light sketch in Photoshop. Then, when I'm happy with the layout, I outline it and lay in all the bodylines and gaps. The next step is color, wheels, chrome, and highlights. Finally, I will add a background based on the style and color of the vehicle."

Joel hopes to work on renderings full time to help get more customs out there on the road, so give him a call and give your project's future a fresh perspective.

Artist: Joel Nelson
(480) 252-0470