One common theme that we have noticed amongst our talented pool of featured rendering artists is a love for drawing that developed at an early age. Gerard Blommaert, artist and car enthusiast to the Nth degree, fits snugly into this profile as he built a reputation amongst his schoolteachers as being a chronic doodler in the classroom. Those tiny sketches next to Blommaert's arithmetic homework were then, and the extremely detailed auto renderings you see in front of you are now.

Blommaert's design studio of 20 years, Gerard Graffix, has seen a steady workflow in the form of T-shirt art for car clubs, race teams, and show promoters, but it's the conceptual designs that have captured so much acclaim amongst automotive connoisseurs. It must be Blommaert's mastery of the tried and true, hands-on method he applies to each piece of his artwork. While reviewing Blommaert's work for this particular article, a fellow editor noticed the hard copies of these four renderings and instantly commented: "Wow, someone really drew the hell out of these." This response seems to be an across-the-board consensus when admiring Blommaert's detail-heavy designs.

Before you devote a boatload of time and money into your project, contact Gerard Blommaert and translate your vision into an artistic blueprint first. Creating a rendering before diving into an actual build can prove to be a great investment, as well as a great piece of framed art.

Artist: Gerard Blommaert
Gerard Graffix
5306-18A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
(780) 468-7240