Carter Hickman has two great passions in life—art and hot rods. We would raise the argument that hot rods are in fact functional pieces of art and we know for certain that this month’s featured rendering artist has our back. Since his days in art school, Hickman has established Carter Hickman Designs, his widely popular, all-encompassing brand of custom automotive artwork that has given many a hot rod or muscle car/truck builder the perfect visual aid to keep their in-progress projects on point.

Among Hickman’s many achievements along the road to digital design stardom has been the creation of the Digital Paint Booth software, which in collaboration with House of Kolor, allows painters to design their own custom paint schemes without even opening a can of color. Hickman has also teamed up with a few of our Source Interlink family’s hot-rod publications to create Virtual Wheel Shop, a program where anyone can test-fit different wheels with varying offsets, sizes, and ride heights for realistic, vehicle-specific results. Even though Hickman has received such commercial praise and success, he keeps the custom projects of everyday car and truck enthusiasts even closer to his heart. His innovative and imaginative renderings can satisfy the cravings of those in search of building a totally unique, bumper-to-bumper custom.

Carter Hickman Designs
(314) 570-9751