Ryan Curtis, like most automobile junkies, fell in love with anything on wheels at an early age. Ryan did not come from a long line of auto enthusiasts, so the alone time he spent sketching and building model cars as a youngster helped develop his fine taste for customs. When asked about his early auto influences, Ryan gave us a peek into his true passion as a youth: "I traded in my dad's dreams of having a left-handed baseball pitcher for good old Hot Wheels cars." Things could have been a lot worse, Mr. Curtis-at least those toy cars weren't Barbie and Ken dolls stuffed underneath Ryan's mattress.

After completing his student career in the world of graphic design and visual communication, Ryan spent 15 years working in the publication and advertising field before realizing that he needed to make a drastic change. Following his craving for custom cars and trucks, Ryan launched his latest design venture, SIN Customs, which stands for style, intrigue, and nobility just in case you were wondering. Underneath the SIN banner, Ryan gets to live out his boyhood dream of designing cars for a living, which he describes as being an exciting lifestyle instead of a boring job or hobby. You can bet that each and every one of Ryan's renderings is created with much enthusiasm, so when the time comes to plan your next build, wouldn't it be great to work with a rendering artist that is just as excited about the build as you are?

Ryan Curtis

SIN Customs