The world of custom automobile design is created from a never-ending flow of fresh ideas and limitless capabilities. The art form is only bound by an artist's imagination, which we are finding time and time again, is a deep and bountiful resource for those planning an extensive restoration or a complete ground-up build.

Dale E. Markgraf is yet another automobile innovator who designs his creations out of a passionate desire to see them built. Dale's artistic history dates back to his early childhood, but it wasn’t until '87, three years after graduating high school, when he and a partner opened up a hot-rod shop. There, Dale undertook the role of lead designer. Dale did not sit through any formal education in the arts but he credits the talents of Thom Taylor, Steve Stanford, Chip Foose, and Duane Kuchar for sparking and assisting in the development of his personal rendering style. Come to think of it, it would be near impossible to find better instructors than the likes of that forerunning foursome.

After spending years of 70-plus hour workweeks in the shop, Dale took a brief intermission from the day-to-day design grind and directed his focus on an automotive tooling venture. It wasn't long, however, before his old pencils, sweeps, and markers began calling him back to the drawing board. Since his second calling into automotive art, Dale has founded Extreme Vehicle Concepts and has been moving at full speed, as he has been undertaking high-profile design projects with his new partner, Ron Fournier, of Fournier Enterprises. Together, the duo not only offers their clients pen and paper renderings, but also detailed 1/3 scale models based on the information that is provided to them. What better way to see your custom ideas take shape?

Artist: Dale E. Markgraf
Extreme Vehicle Concepts
(248) 891-5917