Eric Brockmeyer admits that drawing hot rods and custom cars for a living is the coolest job in the world. As anyone can tell by looking at his rendering style, Eric is sincere about his passion for pushing the limits of automotive design. As a young admirer of anything with wheels and an engine, Eric incubated his creative sprout by building model cars and filling stacks of notebooks with drawings and doodlings-two hobbies that stuck with him through the years. Eric's wife, Pam, finally urged him to follow his ambition by considering enrollment into some sort of formal art education program. In '99, three years after that conversation, Eric walked away from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a B.A. in Industrial Design and quickly landed his first gig working on the design team for Sea Ray Boats. During his four-year tenure there, Eric played a key role in the conceptualization of new exterior styling and interior layouts of sport cruisers and yachts, but he started losing interest in watercrafts, which is a sentiment we can deeply empathize with.

After filing for resignation from Sea Ray, Eric set up a small home studio and gravitated back to his roots. Since starting his own design venture, Eric has drafted numerous high profile projects such as Boyd Coddington's 'Aluma-Tub', which was built on the American Hot Rod TV series, as well the Ridler Award-winning, '32 Ford B400- inspired 'Deucenburg' that debuted at this year's Autorama show in Detroit.

Now if that impressive resume doesn't convince you to contact Eric about creating a rendering for your personal project, check out the following samples of his highly imaginative illustration work-these should be enough to seal the deal.

Artist: Eric Brockmeyer