Do you want to know where to find some of the coolest, most influential rendering work on the planet? Of course, you can find it here in Truckin' each and every month, but when the time comes to bring a rendering artist onboard to help steer your build in the right direction, seek out Jason Rushforth, an automotive designer with a true passion for innovation. Back when Jason was first starting to take notice of cars as a youth, he would grab one of his many model cars, sneak a bottle or two of his mother's nail polish, and he would follow his desire to create something different and unique.

Jason followed his love of automobiles and graduated art school with a degree in visual communication. Since then, Jason has been keeping himself busy brainstorming with owners and builders alike to mock up breathtaking blueprints that will one day materialize into a heavily stylish and envied one-off customs. Jason's designs have graced the covers of some of the largest hot rod magazines in the world, and his wheel designs have been widely embraced by the rodding community as well as those who simply love exhilarating wheel designs.

Artist: Jason Rushforth
(253) 752-1448