By day, Danny Ruiz runs a full printing solutions company that pumps out business cards, brochures, and all types of flyers and banners. But since Danny has a deep-rooted passion for custom cars and trucks, he makes sure to set aside time to produce a rendering or two in his free time. As you can see, Danny’s artistic style is innovative and unique enough to set him apart from the crowd.

Before moving out to San Antonio to kick-start his printing business, Danny honed his graphic design skills and received his bachelor’s degree in graphic arts from the Art Institute of California. After a few years of developing a finely tuned eye for style, Danny began creating design samples for Roadwire and Classic Soft Trim in 2003. With a foot in the door to the automotive industry, it didn’t take long for Danny to establish himself as a go-to gun for hire for large automotive aftermarket companies and high-profile shops such as West Coast Customs. Danny has contributed to a few major SEMA vehicle builds and he is interested in working closely with the most important project of all—the one that’s sitting in your garage.

Artist: Danny Ruiz
(210) 621-4277