Ben Rickel got into the custom truck scene the same way lots of us did-by way of a beat up bucket of a truck. Ben first bought a somewhat customized truck from his friend while living in Arizona and once it ended up taking a nosedive into the gutter; he got his hands on an old Nissan Hardbody. It was the Hardbody that really got Ben's creative force into motion as he was able to get his hands dirty and he learned just what could be done with a little imagination and a few extra dollars. After spending 5 years tweaking his Nissan as much as he could, Ben decided to sell his beloved truck and invest the money into another avenue of the custom lifestyle.

The profits netted from the sale of the Nissan enabled Ben to drop some coin on a seriously beefed up computer and equipped it with a few animation programs. (We tried to get the exact program names from Ben, but he wasn't about to give up his secret rendering recipe that easily. No hard feelings, Ben.) With a background in auto body and paint, Ben took from his experience and poured his heart and soul into translating his passion for customs onto the computer screen. Ben wanted to see something different from his renderings-a 3D view that offered a fresh spin on the art form. Although Ben isn't in the business to make huge dividends from his work just yet, you may be able to convince him to lend a hand on your current or upcoming build. We can't promise you anything, but you'll never know unless you ask.

Artist: Ben Rickel