Here we are, three months into 2010, and we have yet another gifted artist to showcase here on the pages of your favorite custom truck publication. Jim Gerdom, a graduate of the esteemed Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and purveyor of automobile themed fine artwork, has been pushing the boundaries of his craft for nearly 35 years now. Through his design firm, Design Factory Art, Jim offers custom tailored, pencil-to-paper drawings to assist anyone undertaking a restyling project or a complete ground-up build to see the vehicle's maximum potential before turning a single wrench. From muscle cars to original concept and prototype vehicles, Jim can create a tangible glimpse of a truly unique, unmistakable creation that is only limited by your imagination. If you prefer a rendering artist that works 100 precent by hand, without the use of any type of computer program, you've found your man.

Artist: Jim Gerdom
Design Factory Art
(888) 268-9933