Steve Woodward is a die-hard minitrucker through and through. Back in '97, he laid eyes on his first custom truck—a Dodge Dakota that wore a smooth, clean roll pan instead of a clunky, chrome rear bumper. A simple roll pan doesn't sound like much of an inspirational piece, but for Steve, seeing creative expression in the form of sheetmetal was enough to jumpstart the right side of his brain.

Steve always had the ability to sketch and transfer ideas onto paper, but once he familiarized himself with Photoshop, his conceptual output evolved to a level he never thought imaginable. We caught up with Steve and asked what the turning point was that compelled him to take his hobby seriously: "As I got older, I got better and better until one day a buddy of mine asked me to create a rendering for the shop he worked at. That was one of the best days of my life; getting paid to do something I would've done for free."

Staying busy is something that Steve knows about all too well these days as he holds down a necessary nine-to-five, while making time to take on a few rendering and other graphic related projects when possible. At the time of this writing, Steve's website is under construction, but until it goes live, he invites anyone interested in brainstorming and possibly adding to his already weighty workload to contact him directly. The extra gigs will keep him out of trouble, and you just might be able to score an amazing blueprint for your build.

Artist: Steve Woodward
Below Grade Design
(403) 894-8543