Mickey Chaney's story about how he became involved in the 'art' side of the automotive industry is a little different than some of the other artists that we've previously featured. Other than basic art classes in high school, Mickey has no official creative-specific degree to list on his resume, but his interpretation of custom vehicles and unique use of watercolor as his trademark medium left a lasting impression on us. Instead of sitting behind a desk and listening to a boring, drawn-out lecture on the basics that is an art 101 class, he utilized his own method of education; "I spend all of my free time looking through magazines and websites for vehicles that catch my attention. I then, of course, draw them and alter them to my liking."

Back when Mickey was based in Arizona, he would hit local car shows every weekend and exhibit his artwork for all to see. Since his relocation to Illinois, he has been keeping his brush to paper as often as possible, and has been looking for other viable sources of broadcasting his work to the world. Hopefully a spot in the World's Leading Truck Publication will do the trick.

Artist: Mickey Chaney
Spooky Kid Designs
(847) 865-1002