We're suckers for striking artwork. Of course it's great to see a freshly painted custom in the flesh, but being able to see someone's creativity on paper builds a level of overwhelming anticipation that's almost impossible to duplicate.

Jeff "Jefe" Vitale submitted a few of his hand-drawn, rod-centric illustrations, and it was pretty much a classic case of love at first sight around our office. From an early age, Jeff was building tree houses, plastic hot-rod models, wooden go-carts, and was filling up note pad after note pad with drawings and sketches galore. Now that he's matured a bit, Jeff has started to dabble in metal sculpture and is currently building a heavily customized '75 Chevy C10 that he hopes to share with Truckin' readers as soon as it's ready to shoot.

Our featured artist this month has selected pencils and art markers as the main tools of his trade, and he crafts each and every rendering entirely by hand. No electronic manipulation goes into his creative process whatsoever, and surprising to us, he hasn't sat through any type of formal art training. Raw, natural talent is all that Jeff has to fall back on, but from the look of things, he doesn't need some 'official' sheet of paper to prove his credibility as a true radical renderer.

Jeff currently keeps himself busy as a commercial construction project manager, but there is no escaping the clutches of automotive expression, as he can usually be found drawing or wrenching away in his garage during his free time. Aside from being able to successfully wield a pencil, Jeff has also honed his mechanical skills as he is an established welder, fabricator, engine builder, and is highly capable in the paint and body department as well.

If you happen to be in the market for a well-executed, detailed rendering, or are in need of event artwork, posters, or T-shirts, Jeff Vitale is your man. Jeff wanted us to extend a personal invitation to our readers to visit his website to browse his portfolio, and if there are any questions or concerns, he is just a phone call or email away.

Artist: Jeff "Jefe" Vitale
(806) 795-9765