Most of the rendering artists we showcase share a couple common bonds with each other. The first similarity is that they all possess more creative ability in each of their pinkies than the entire Truckin' staff has in their combined body mass. And by the way, that's quite a bit of mass we're talking about. Secondly, these artists have all been raised in custom car culture in one form or another. This month's featured radical renderer, Matt Sutton, from Garland, Texas, grew up going to drag and street races, and since the age of 10, he's grown familiar with cracking open a toolbox and getting his hands dirty.

Although Matt is into various types of automobiles, he admits that he's always had a deeply rooted passion for trucks. When we asked about his technique and method of rendering, we weren't all too surprised with his response. "Chip Foose has always been my influence. I have the same taste and style as him, so my art style is very similar. I would love to sit down and pick that guy's brain."

Matt graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Business with an emphasis on Marketing, but since his passion for art thrives on a hands-on approach, he recently enrolled in fabrication, collision/refinishing, and custom interior courses at Wyotech to fuel his fire. "My goal is to own my own shop, make a name for myself, and do something I love." Someday, Matt will be able to knock out your rendering then help build your project with his own hands.

Artist: Matt Sutton