Tim Donelson '08 Chevy Silverado
Known throughout the custom truck world as "Color Blind," Tim Donelson's Chevy is destined for a SEMA makeover. We know, that sounds crazy, but Tim is crazy and we appreciate his need to push the limits. Rumors are swirling as to what it will look like, after all he had candy apple red flames sprayed just for Heatwave in Austin, but we've got an inside source that tells us the Silverado will receive a Chevy HD front end, new paint, new "floating" suspension back half, and even taillights. Making Color Blind look even more custom, new-for-2011 28-inch Giovanna wheels will be bolted in place. A new, more street-rod-styled interior featuring a '54 Ford all-metal dash, and new door panels will seal the deal. This one should be crazy.

Chris Fierek Chevy Blazer
As the Marketing Manager for Directed and Orion Car Audio, Chris Fierek is no stranger to seeing and hearing the best of the best in the 12-volt auto industry, so when it came time to build his own project, Chris used his knowledge, skills, and connections to go big.

Starting with a busted up Blazer, Chris is going to add a new front and rear KP Components suspension, Baer big brakes, LS1 with a 4L60E and Painless harness and Asanti AF135 wheels with Continental tires. The body is going to be streamlined and the subtle white paint should have people quickly giving him the thumbs up.

Eddie Gonzalez '97 Chevy Tahoe
Representing Aftermath in Houston, Eddie Gonzalez's 'bagged and body-dropped '97 two-door Tahoe may very well be one of the most customized trucks at the show. The bright antifreeze green paint and '05 Silverado front clip, by Alamo Customs, in Alvin, Texas, is sure to grab your eye.

Once you get closer you'll notice the intricate, high-end, and very luxurious interior. Laying on the rockers over 22- and 24-inch billet wheels, Eddie's Tahoe also features a custom-painted chassis, painted 383ci engine with billet goodies, and a front-to-back shave job. Get your sunglasses out, this one is going to be bright.

David "Potter" Williams '07 Chevy Silverado 3500
On the other end of the big spectrum is this 'bagged and 'body-dropped dualie owned by David "Potter" Williams. His completely done show truck is being stripped down and receiving new Tahoe headlights, sectioned bumper, and gallons of House of Kolor Pavo Purple. Sitting over the 24-inch dualie wheels, the Chevy will also have a giant ragtop, re-stitched black leather interior with a large in-dash screen, and flipdown monitors in the headliner for the full audio/video experience.

Marty McGuire '92 GMC Sonoma GT
It's only taken three years for Marty McGuire to build a concept truck so unique that its got a cult following. Take a minute and check out syborgtwinturbo.com and you'll quickly see why there is such a buzz about this bad-boy. A fully built 4.7L V-6 receives a huge gust of boost thanks to twin hairdryers and the Ride Tech suspension and huge Precision big brakes means this GMC will handle and stop as good as it goes. Incredible attention to detail by Kenny Davis Hotrods, handmade interior from the Recovery Room, and sheetmetal unlike any other make this truck one you won't soon forget.