When we first laid eyes on Ben Rickel’s renderings, we knew we had to get them in the magazine and share them with all of our readers. They’re just so unlike anything we’ve seen before. Each rendering shown here is the culmination of between 60 and 300 hours of computer modeling from the sheetmetal to the frame. The trucks are fully 3D, so once it’s complete, Ben can show any angle you’d like, and in any color. Ben designed each wheel you see in the renderings, so don’t ask who makes them, because so far they exist only on his computer. Ben wouldn’t share what sort of modeling software he uses, he’s keeping that a secret, but if you’d like to contact him about his renderings, you can find him on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/benjamin.rickel. In addition to the small sample in the magazine, this story includes more than 40 other killer renderings by Ben!

Benjamin Rickel