Corey Calloway has been drawing cars most of his life. After graduating with a degree in Visual Communications, he has worked in numerous design firms and agencies. He finally landed a job with Weld Racing as a creative director and broke into the automotive industry. He has done SEMA vehicle renderings for companies such as Weld Racing, BMF wheels, Genuine Boyds, and Sean John.

After beating Hodgkin’s lymphoma a year ago, he continues his passion for automotive art with Blue Octane Design, a company that he co-founded. He mainly does his work digitally using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and can work in pretty much any style from photo-realistic to the more illustrated looking renderings. When he’s not drawing or surfing car images on the web, Corey spends his time wrenching on his ‘64 Riviera and working on getting his pilot’s license.

Corey Calloway
(316) 768-0335