We have designed countless cover and feature trucks, including Robbie’s own truck, Head Hunter, which you see on the cover of ...

Robbie Bryant started Kutting Edge Graphix in the fall of 2002 and Brian Fields joined up in 2004. The name was shortened to KEG and the word Media added to showcase all the forms of advertising media they specialize in, which is print and web. KEG Digital Garage is what they call their automotive rendering section. They were one of the innovators when it came to digital renderings and practically set the standard for quality and have been raising the standard ever since. They have designed many award-winning vehicles for the SEMA show that have taken home GM and Ford Design awards. They have also designed countless cover and feature trucks including Robbie’s own truck, Head Hunter, which is on the cover of this issue. According to them, they have been in business longer than anyone consecutively doing digital renderings. With a client list from all over the world, KEG Media does more than 100 renderings a year. They also specialize in web design, logo design, and full color printing. Keep an eye out for Robbie or Brian at shows all over the country as they travel to a lot of shows throughout the year, particularly in the South.

This first rendering is of professional FMX rider Cody Elkins’ truck. You saw his 2008 Chevy Silverado HD on 53-inch tires back in Issue 9 of this year. This is his next truck and once again, he is going big. The truck is a 2011 Silverado 1500 with the 6.2L gas engine. It is sitting on an 11-inch Third Coast Suspension lift with 38-inch tires on 24-inch RBP wheels. An RBP grille sits up front in between a set of Recon lights. Keep an eye out for tech articles and a full feature on this truck in upcoming issues of Truckin’.

This 2008 GMC Denali belongs to Shea Walker, whohad a 1999 GMC Sierra that we featured in Issue 8 of this year. For Shea’s next project, he is going a bit newer. This truck is laid out on 26-inch Dub Bomber 6s. For a new look, Shea had a Caddy clip bolted on out front and Caddy bedsides grafted onto it. The headlights were custom painted and a set of big brakes finish off this Bow Tie.

Next up is a gorgeous ’67-’72 C10. As it sits, it is tucking 24-inch Boyd Coddington wheels. Up front is a one-off big mouth grille with a billet insert. The front bumper has been replaced with a roll pan–style bumper. Simple but really clean.