We intend to push the creative envelope to a new level within the custom world.

Karbon Kreationz is a full service graphic and automotive design company that was formed in the fall of 2010 by brothers Bill and Scott Denham. Their intention was to push the creative envelope to a new level within the custom world. They thrive on the challenges their customers present them and accept nothing less than perfection from themselves and their work. From business cards and web sites, on up to fullsize renderings and custom T-shirt graphics, they strive to put 110 percent into each design. After all, shouldn’t creativity come standard?

Although they may be the new guys on the scene in terms of renderings and graphic design, their involvement in the custom car/truck scene has been continually expanding. As far back as they can remember their dad, also Bill Denham, has had a passion for fast cars with great looks. Everything from classic Chevelles to modern-day street machines, his passion has been passed onto his sons and he continues to show them new tips and tricks with every project. With his support and the support of their family and friends, they hope Karbon Kreationz will continue to grow and quickly become a household name.

Bill Denham

Truckin': How did you get into graphic design?
Bill: I took an interest in graphic design and automotive art back in high school while taking both automotive-tech and basic graphic design courses. I was often asked by friends and family to combine both studies and create renderings and "quick chops" for their project vehicles. After deciding to pursue a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, the requests began to pile on more and more.

T: What was the biggest jumping off point for you?
B: At the end of my junior year in college, I was given the opportunity to work under RJ Silva of Eye Kandy Designs. Through his efforts and college courses, I gained a wealth of knowledge both about business and graphic design.

T: When did Karbon Kreationz come about?
B: In the fall of 2010, I decided to branch off and start Karbon Kreationz. Since opening we have grown tremendously and can’t thank our customers enough.

T: How do you stay motivated doing what you do?
B: Oftentimes, our jobs/projects demand long days and sleepless nights, but to be able to take a customer’s ideas and dreams and transfer them into a work of art makes everything worth it to us. We look forward to what the future holds and will continue to push the creative envelope in any way we can.

T: Any final thoughts?
B: We hope to continue to grow within the custom world so that our current and future customers will know exactly who to turn to when looking for custom design work infused with pure passion and excitement.

Scott Denham

Truckin': What’s your role with Karbon Kreationz?
Scott: They like to think of me as their "secret weapon". I am currently in charge of Marketing and expanding the Karbon Kreationz name.

T: What do you have your degree in?
S: I am currently pursuing a degree in business management and marketing.

T: What do you plan on doing when you finish school?
S: When I get my degree, I would like to open a few businesses of my own and continue to help Karbon Kreationz grow and expand in the custom scene.

T: When did you begin your love affair with custom cars and trucks?
S: Like Bill, I was interested in this scene early on. My dad taught me a lot of what I know today.

T: Have you owned any custom vehicles?
S: I actually spend most of my free time in my garage wrenching on a 2001 Chrysler 300M. I am hoping to have it wrapped up by next summer.

Bill had much to say about Scott. When asked to give a little info on his brother, this is what he said, "Scott's attention to detail, combined with his marketing skills and knowledge have certainly helped in his design work as well as the promoting of Karbon Kreationz. He has developed much of what you see from a marketing and advertising standpoint and is currently working on several new projects to help expand the name. We have no doubt that in the coming years he will become an even bigger part of the business as we pursue both perfection and recognition."

Now on to the renderings:

This 2010 Dodge Ram dualie project came about after Bill and Scott decided to create a series of renderings based on input from our military friends and fans. This 3500 is the first in a series of three vehicles to be completed which will also include the new Ford Raptor and a classic H1 Hummer. Starting at the front of the truck they decided to go with a black chrome finish on all of the chrome as well as the full-face grille. We then added a set of HID headlights and clear fog lights to finish up the front. Tearing the blue paint away revealed a grayscale digital camo that completely wrapped the truck. They also added in the dark tinted windows, shaved the door handles, and added in a roll pan to smooth everything out. Tucking under a full air-ride suspension is a set of BMF wheels with low-profile tires and added spikes around the outside of the lip to really give this truck an aggressive feel. This truck, along with the rest of the series, is being created to show support for the troops and their families. Once the series is completed, Karbon Kreationz will be offering printed versions for purchase, of which 100 percent of the purchase price will be donated to the troops.

A similar scheme to that of the ’56 Chevy, this 1967 C10 rat rod truck sort of created a look for itself as they worked on it. Starting from the frame up, they added a classic set of Foose wheels with red-wall tires and full air-ride suspension. Add to that a few broken emblem letters, mild chop top, and a slightly rusted black paintjob and this ’67 quickly became a dark natured beast of its own.

1956 Chevy Pickup – When they say that they pursue perfection and that creativity should come standard on every project, this is what they are talking about. This ’56 Chevy pickup was a project for Karbon Kreationz to see how far they could take a rusted out pickup in terms of attention to detail. What you see in this project is a combination of Mother Nature, rust, bodywork, a few bullet holes, and of course custom parts. The paint job alone took them more than 12 hours to complete and they have a combined total of more than 40 hours into this truck. The ’56 also features a full suspension upgrade, billet grille, shaved door handles, and a chopped top. They are pleased with the outcome and hope to turn this into a real project truck for Karbon Kreationz.