I grew up reading CARtoons Magazine and my love for drawing cars and trucks grew from there.

Gerald Martin has been in the custom truck scene for a long time. The first truck he built was a 1955 Chevy Stepside when he was 12. Since then, he has built several Volkswagens and trucks. In his spare time, Gerald would read CARtoons magazine and draw cars and trucks. Now, Gerald owns Whatadesigns, the company that he started and does anything from business cards and flyers to vehicle renderings and custom apparel. Gerald says that even though his job is graphic artist, he still loves every minute of it.

Gerald Martin
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This first rendering was done for Pat’s Paintwerks in Baytown, Texas. It is a 2011 Dodge Mega Cab dualie that is bodied on 24-inch American Force wheels, complete with spiked lug nut covers. The rear doors have been suicided and the door handles moved to the front of the door. The paintjob matches the owner’s boat.

This 2008 Chevy Silverado had been dropped to the ground on 26-inch wheels. Shaved door handles, tailgate, and antenna keep the look clean and simple. The olive green paintjob is, again, simple yet custom.

This is a rendering for Greg “Slacker” Brown. It is supposed to be the rebirth of the lifted silver, black, and green 2007 Tahoe that was featured in Truckin’ back in 2008. It now sits a bit lower than it did then. It is laid out on a set of 26-inch Lexani wheels. New paint and a new grille help complete this once sky-high Tahoe.

This 2006 Crew Cab Chevy is all shaved up and is laying body on 24-inch Raceline Deceptive wheels that have been paint-matched to the truck. A retro airbrushed chrome graphic with skull insets and true fire has been laid over the copper orange pearl paint.

Next up, this truck is going to be amazing. An ’88 regular cab Silverado that has been given a clean look with the help of a new-body–style Tahoe front clip. The bodywork doesn’t stop there, the bed has been welded to the cab to forever turn this truck into a unibody while 28-inch chrome wheels keep this custom rolling. Shaved door handles, sport mirrors, and a red and white flamed paintjob will assist in the head turning.

The ’57 Chevy is being built by Corey Glenn (Owner of Corrupt Customs). Aside from being body-dropped on 22-inch Smoothie wheels, it is fairly stock. A classic white and orange two-tone paint scheme and lots of chrome finish off the look.