I love that my renderings make you think, 'Is that a photograph or not?'

Robert’s first memories and experiences with cars come from working with his dad and brothers. His dad was a mechanic for various dealerships when Robert was growing up, so Robert always found himself around cars. His brothers were constantly tinkering with their mini bikes and go-karts, so his first job was passing tools to them, and over the years, he was given more responsibilities. Eventually Robert was rebuilding his own motors and such. That eventually led him to get into the mechanical engineering field out of college. After 12 years working in the engineering field, the animation field was really blowing up, so while Robert was working, he put himself through school again to receive a degree in Traditional and Digital Animation. Since then he has been in the 3D industry working on a variety of projects and films. He spent some time at Disney Animation Studios working on the movie Bolt and most recently doing some freelance work on the upcoming film Premium Rush, where he created photorealistic vehicles for certain chase scenes that involves animated camera passing by 3D cars. At his current job, he also does quite a bit of work in the automotive advertising industry for some high-profile clients such as Audi, Chevy, Hyundai, Toyota, and Lexus. This involves creating billboards, magazine ads, and website content with the emphasis on photorealism.

If that isn’t enough work with 3D cars in his professional life, he also creates them in his personal time. When we asked Robert why he loves doing what he does, he said, “I love creating the most real looking 3D images I can. When it makes you question whether the image is a photograph or not. If I evoke that kind of thought, then I’ve done my job.”

This has all led Robert to start Ryechss Design Lab, pronounced righteous, www.ryechssdesignlab.com. This combines Robert’s love for cars and making 3D renderings into one endeavor. He plans to help clients make their vision become a reality in the world of 3D. They will be able to see their ride on a 360-degree turntable. That way they will have something to take to their builder and get that ride on the road done.

Robert Garcia
Ryechss Design Lab
www.ryechssdesignlab .com