Warren Simpson says that he has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Couple that with his love for just about everything on wheels and automotive art became his specialty. Warren works mostly from reference pictures, which provide the ideas for themes. Originally from South Africa, Warren now lives in London, England, and runs his website, http://simpsonartistry.weebly.com, with dozens of cool renderings. Everything you see is hand drawn with pencils and scanned for digital reprint.

I like to add a story to my drawings, so the viewer gets caught up in them.

This 2005 GMC Sierra, aka The General, sits eight inches higher than stock above a set of black 20-inch wheels. The theme of this truck goes further than just the name; the paint scheme is a chocolate chip desert camouflage design. Four stars on the black mesh grille make it known that this truck isn’t a mere enlisted man, but a full-blown General.

After seeing a photo of Eddie Gonzalez’s green two-door Tahoe on our cover earlier this year, Warren had to put pencil to paper. The drawing came out just as amazing as Eddie’s Tahoe. Even though you saw Eddie’s Tahoe in Issue 2 of this year, I’ll go ahead and give you a rundown of what it has. The front clip has been swapped out for 2006 Silverado parts. Under the hood sits a 383ci Stroker to help turn the 22- and 24-inch B.A.D. Rockstar wheels. The slammed body is covered in antifreeze green paint with a Hot Wheels blue graphic.

This classic Chevy pickup is slammed to the ground, tucking 22-inch split five-spoke wheels. A pair of 12-inch LED lightbars was molded into the rear, under the tailgate, and the whole truck was covered in several coats of purple paint.

Warren is very much into classic vehicles and this ’67 Bronco is classic and custom. After giving it a better stance, the body was channeled and the cab was chopped for a lower profile. The factory engine was trashed, in favor of a blown Chevy 502 with a shotgun Bill intake scoop. The hood had to be modified for this massive combination to fit in the truck. A two-tone paint scheme finishes off this old-school Blue Oval.