Gerard Blommaert has been in the rendering scene for a while. He started honing his drawing skills on horses when he was just five years old. A few years later, his fascination turned from horses to horsepower, and he began drawing cars and trucks. One of his first jobs was in a body shop shaping metal, slinging Bondo, and learning to paint. From that job, Gerard found himself in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he attended Utah Technical College at Salt Lake. While there, he really learned to draw with great skill. This is a sample of what Gerard can offer in the way of illustrations.

Gerard Blommaert
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One of Gerard’s favorite styles is the 1950s and 1960s era Ford pickups. This 1955 Ford has been done in a ’60s style. The hood has a full complement of louvers covering a 425ci Buick nailhead V-8 with two four-barrel carbs. The body has been kept stock with all the Ford emblems. Spotlights have been mounted to the cowl, and the whole truck received a coat of burnt orange paint. The interior will be white tuck and roll with burnt orange trim.

One of many renderings done for under construction projects, this is of a 1933 Maple Leaf, which is Canada’s version of early GMC trucks. The cab has been chopped three inches and extended 24 inches to make room for a back seat to accommodate a family. A sliding sunroof has also been added for a different feel. The chassis has a full independent suspension with the rear parts being from a Corvette, which also supplied with LT1 V-8. Large billet wheels have been used to complement the two-tone pearl silver and candy purple paint. Definitely a head-turner, you Canadian readers should keep an eye out for this at shows in 2012.

Created for a car show T-shirt and poster, this ’59 Chevy El Camino has been painted candy apple red. Gerard chose this view because it accentuated the fins, the cat-eye taillights that became prominent in the late ’50s. Besides the candy apple paint, Gerard also lowered the Elco on a set of chrome wheels.