This month we're taking the opportunity to show you some of the cool project trucks we're building during the rest of 2012 and looking towards 2013. Project trucks are our way of getting you excited about turning some wrenches and looking at your daily driver or weekend warrior as a constantly upgradable truck. Knowing we have a diverse readership, we're working on several different trucks with different end goals in mind. If you have an idea for a buildup, shoot us an email at

Blue Bomber
Rendering by Tavis Highlander

As the most popular truck on all of our recent surveys, the Chevy Silverado has been endlessly customized, but what if you want to go fast, look good, and not take out a $50K loan to do it? It's possible and we'll show you how with Blue Bomber—a 2011 Silverado work truck we picked up brand new for under $18K. Partnering up with Stillen, the performance truck gurus, we'll have a truck that will surprise Camaro owners at the dragstrip, autocross, and car shows. Big Nitto NT-420S tires will consume 24-inch Raceline Illusion wheels with AP Racing big brakes bringing all of the extra mass to a quick halt. Power from a supercharger with headers and intake will really get the 4.8L screaming, while a classy, yet completely daily drivable interior will make this truck one to remember.

Rendering by Brian Stupski

Whereas some of you spend most of the time driving on the road, we know a large percentage like to get some dirt and mud on your tires. Ford's new Raptor is a hot commodity everywhere, so look no further than Truckin to bring you one of the hottest truck builds on the popular 4WD. Boatec fiberglass fenders will allow the 35-inch General Grabber tires and 17-inch Method Racing wheels plenty of travel, while a Whipple supercharger should send occupants blasting down the dunes. A Bullet Liner will keep the bed protected with LED lightning keeping the path illuminated day or night. Be on the lookout for this one, as there will plenty of air under all four tires when we're done with it.

Lead Sled
Rendering by R.J. Silva

No stranger to customizing a truck, our Editor-in-Chief Dan Ward did the unthinkable when he took our perfectly good Project Black Sheep and drove it to Houston for a suspension makeover. The pros at Ekstensive Metalworks transformed our '09 Ram into a slammed fullsize that rides more like a Cadillac and still swallows up 26-inch Raceline wheels. Add to the new stance a supercharger from MagnaCharger and a wild paintjob from Buck Wild Designs, and you have yourself Project Lead Sled—a nod to old-school customs with cool looks, heavy mods, and power that will leave others in the dust. A luxurious diamond-stitched leather interior from 714 Motorsports keeps the custom theme intact while also showing Range Rover owners how truck guys handle our business. LED and HID lighting from RECON ensures our truck is seen no matter the time of day. This one is completely over-the-top, and you won't want to miss a single story.

Project Tarmac
Rendering by

America's best-selling truck is continuing to soldier on with new technologies helping it move off dealer lots as if a giant inflatable gorilla was slashing prices. Helping it look and run better than ever is CGS Motorsports and their new 2011 F-150 dubbed Tarmac. Designed to pound the pavement with huge wheels, big brakes, and styling that makes you turn your head with understated appeal, the 5.0L Ford is also ready to leave a trail of tire smoke thanks to the Whipple supercharger. We fall over ourselves every time we're within eyesight of this Blue Oval. Check out Part 1 of the buildup next month.

Rendering by R.J. Silva

What do you get when you combine a hunter's need for utility with the desire to stand out when cruising the streets of San Diego? The answer is Project 12-Gauge. This versatile 2011 Silverado is being built with our friends at Auto Anything and features parts you can install yourself—adding functionality, good looks, and giving you pride in what you built. By adding a Ready Lift leveling kit, we were able to clear 33-inch Falken A/T tires mounted inside BMF S.O.T.A. wheels. The 5.3L received some bolt-ons to help it perform better, while an urban-camo vinyl wrap makes it ready for the duck blind or at a truck show. Vision X and Spyder LED lights add to the off-road look, while a Surco roof rack provides added utility. This one can go anywhere and look good doing it. Page 128 will show you the details.

Rendering by KP Concepts

Whetting the appetites of all you classic truck guys, we're working with a local shop on this project—a 1971 'Burban that will receive the airbag treatment along with 24-inch billet wheels. Big brakes behind the wheels will stop the truck and let people get a good look at the simple two-tone paint scheme. Keeping the red and black separate will be a chrome graphic that is real chrome paint. Inside will be leather seats surrounded with bamboo wood and chrome accents. The cargo area will feature a bamboo floor with a hatch to access the rear suspension components. Under the hood will sit a small-block Chevy engine, tubbed and shaved firewall, and plenty of chrome. Be sure to keep an eye out for this one, as it will be clean, simple, and functional.

Jekyll and Hyde
Rendering by Karbon Kreationz

It's easy to make a truck look good simply by lifting it and slapping on some wheels and tires. But then what? Taking things to the next level, we're going to modify this EcoBoost-powered F-150 to make it one of the baddest 1Ž2-tons around. LED lights, off-road bumpers, and plenty of horsepower upgrades will make this one truly unique. A 7-inch McGaughy's lift clears big Interco tires mounted to 20-inch Fuel Off-Road wheels thanks to the custom bumpers from A.D.D. Form meets function in this brute of a Jekyll and Hyde F-150. See us transform it throughout the rest of this year.