Like many other kids, Antonio "AJ" Kemper loved to doodle and draw in elementary school. However, he never really took it seriously until high school rolled around, at which time he realized graphic art was his true calling. After getting his first vehicle, a '99 S-10, he saw some local custom trucks and decided to start modding his Chevy. Doing some research online, he found a forum where a few guys did rough Photoshop "chops" of vehicles for other members, and the light bulb came on. Although he had no idea how to render a vehicle, AJ applied his existing design skills and learned as much as he could about creating renderings in Photoshop. Months passed, he gradually improved from the tips he found on the forum, and before he knew it, he was producing professional-quality renderings. Fast-forward to present day, and 22-year-old AJ has three years of rendering experience, a college degree, and has opened No Life Designs with his friend, Jesus Gonzalez (featured in "Radical Renderings," 2011). AJ wants to thank Jesus Gonzalez, RJ Silva of Eye Kandy Designs, and all the guys in the old S-10 forum render contests for inspiring him and helping him succeed. To check out more of AJ's work or request a rendering, head over to

AJ Kemper