Ben Drolet of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a graphic designer who works primarily in automotive illustration and photography. Ben got his start in vehicle renderings at Stillen performance parts in Costa Mesa, California. As the art director for Stillen, the company needed him to work on project vehicles, body kit design and show car design projects from time to time. After a few years, Ben was regularly creating detailed renderings alongside the modeling team there. With the help of the highly skilled team at Stillen, Ben learned to bridge the gap between concept art and actual production parts—that is to say, just because you can draw it doesn’t mean it can be built. Currently, Ben is working as a lead designer for video game producer Digital Madhouse Studios, but he keeps himself available for automotive consulting, and is working on project proposals for Chevy, Dodge, Honda and Ford. Ben’s contact information and more of his work can be found at