Over the years, we've found that some of our featured artists grow to love creating vehicle renderings, while others seem to be born with a desire to design. For Russ Schwenkler, it was clearly the latter option, since he always knew he wanted to be a professional artist. He tells us, "When I was five years old and adults would ask, 'what do you want to do when you grow up?' I'd say, 'draw pictures'." To achieve that goal, Russ studied traditional art in school and soon began teaching himself digital art in the early days of personal computers.

Using a DOS computer and software that would now seem woefully primitive, Russ crafted his first designs. Fortunately, computers have come a long way in the last two decades, and he now uses programs like 3D Studio Max to create photorealistic models with detailed lighting, textures, and reflections. After years of honing his skills, Russ decided to open his own creative studio in 2000, known as Dangeruss.net. Based on the nickname he earned while racing motorcycles, the business has grown rapidly and now creates designs for big-name clients such as Microsoft. Russ' son Robert even started working at the studio, showing that artistic talent runs in the family.

Despite his busy schedule as a commercial designer, Russ still loves sitting down at the computer and dreaming up new custom cars, trucks, and bikes in his spare time. To see more of Russ' creations that we couldn't fit here, or request one of your own, head over to Dangeruss.net.