Growing up in the small rural town of Hiram, Ohio, Anthony Spadaro's love for everything automotive started at a young age. Both his parents were certifiable gearheads, and he often rode along to car shows and swap meets in his dad's '68 Camaro SS or his mom's LT1 Trans Am. He quickly developed an interest in custom cars, and after seeing a concept car design exhibit at the Cleveland Auto Show, he was hooked. “I was mesmerized by what I saw and instantly knew I wanted to go to school to become a car designer. The only problem was that I was in fourth grade and had a long way to go until then.” Fast-forward eight years, and he had been accepted to his dream school, the Cleveland Institute of Art. While there, he developed his own unique art style and interned at Hasbro designing action figures, Tonka trucks, and Transformers toys. Upon graduation, he accomplished his lifelong dream by finding a position as an Automotive Interior Designer at Johnson Controls. Twenty-four-year-old Tony still holds this position and works on new sketches and renderings in his free time. And when he's not working away behind a desk, he loves to smoke the tires on his 590 rwhp '01 Ford Lightning. To see more of Tony's work or commission a rendering of your own, head to or email him at