As anyone in the custom truck scene can tell you, SEMA is by far the biggest custom vehicle event of the year. Many of the nation's finest high-dollar custom truck builds are debuted at the Las Vegas show each year, and these projects are typically kept under wraps until the show in late October. However, we've managed to get our hands on 14 renderings of upcoming SEMA project trucks so you can see them here first. Keep an eye out for our complete coverage of the SEMA show in the coming months.

High Roller
Rendering by Kris Horton

Built in partnership with Ford, this sleek yet muscular 2013 F-350 shows off the Super Duty's versatility. With its tuxedo-style paint scheme and matte bronze accents, it would look right at home cruising the strip next to luxury cars and exotics, yet Rigid LED lightbars, lifted Carli suspension, and aggressive American Force rolling stock show it can hold its own off-road as well. The theme for this truck was described to us as a "gentleman's off-roader," and we'd say it fits the bill perfectly.

Trail Machine
Rendering by KEG Media

It's no secret the 2014 GM trucks are going to be huge this year, and this fact is clearly demonstrated by this burly Sierra from builder Five-R Inc. At their shop in Golden, Colorado, they're transforming this GMC into a Raptor-killer, complete with ICON coilovers, custom flared fenders and bedsides, ADD bumpers, and black American Force wheels wrapped in aggressive Toyo rubber. Combine this with the truck's red and black paint scheme, and it makes for an intimidating package that we can't wait to see in person.

Modern-Day Classic
Rendering by Will Freeman

We're pleased to see the '88-'98 Chevy trucks experiencing a resurgence in popularity, as we've always liked the iconic lines of this body style. Clean, simple, and timeless are all words we'd use to describe this metallic green '97 Chevy from Peoria, Arizona's All Day Fab. However, there's a lot more to this build than clean design, as it will also feature a supercharged motor, full air suspension, and luxurious brown leather interior. And, of course, heavily massaged sheetmetal for a smooth look.

Rendering by KEG Media

If the High Roller project showed us that a Super Duty can be sleek and refined, this gargantuan F-350 from Full Flex Fabrication in Katy, Texas, illustrates how it can be an over-the-top neck-snapper. Standing tall on a custom-painted purple 12-inch Bulletproof Suspension lift, Atlas leaf springs, and Fox Racing bypass shocks, this thing screams "Look at me!" Custom-painted 24-inch American Force wheels, rugged Interco tires, and bright purple accents bring it all together. This is going to be one killer Ford.

Rendering by D. Scott Neal II

Proving that camouflage can actually be a good way to get noticed, this Realtree–themed 2013 Ram 2500 immediately grabbed our attention. Complete with TrailReady steel bumpers, a huge Kelderman 8-10-inch air-ride lift kit, hydro-dipped RBP wheels, and Toyo tires, this heavy-duty truck is ready to cruise the backroads all week and show on weekends. Topping it all off, a matching quad sits on top of the Truck Vault bed storage system.

Sport Silverado
Rendering by KEG Media

In order to celebrate 30 years of producing high-quality lowering kits for trucks, Belltech is bringing five different generations of lowered Chevy trucks to SEMA. All five trucks will be painted Belltech's signature red, and feature clean styling with big billet Raceline wheels. Shown here is the newest model, a 2014 Silverado, and it's truly the epitome of clean styling. We can't wait to see all five red Chevys lined up at the show.

Rendering by KEG Media

The first of three lifted trucks from Extreme Offroad & Performance in Katy, Texas, this Mega Cab Ram has serious presence. Decked out in a full red and black two-tone with tribal graphics down the sides, the truck rides on a Kelderman lift kit, American Force wheels, and Toyo tires. An RBP grille, Fab Fours bumpers, Rigid LED lightbars, and Plain & Simple customized headlights complete this mean off-roader. And, of course, everything was intricately paint-matched in red.

Big Blue
Rendering by KEG Media

Next up from Extreme Offroad & Performance is this towering 2014 Silverado. The Chevy shares the Ram's Rigid LED lightbars, Plain & Simple projector headlights, similar American Force wheels, and Toyo tires. However, its bright blue paint contrasts against the Ram, and a paint-matched Full Throttle lift kit provides it with altitude. We'd certainly have a hard time deciding which of the two we'd rather drive.

Dark Comedy
Rendering by KEG Media

The third project from Extreme Offroad is this black and orange lifted Ram. Disturbing clown graphics will be airbrushed across the sides of the body in bright orange paint, also carrying over onto the lips of the tough-looking Fuel wheels. The same orange hue will be sprayed onto the RBP grille, Plain & Simple headlight projectors, axles, and Full Throttle suspension components. It may be clown-themed, but the guys at Extreme were dead serious when they decided on this evil-looking design.

Rendering by KP Concepts

KP Concepts designed this huge Mega Cab Ram, which will be custom-painted with skulls and swirls by Exile Airbrush. The skull airbrushing can also be seen on the truck's Hostile wheels, which will be wrapped in Toyo tires and installed underneath a Third Coast lift kit by B&C Offroad. Iron Cross bumpers and a Royalty Core grille with skull emblem add to this Ram's tough look.

Smooth Operator
Rendering by Daniel Renya

Although most of our other renderings are computer-aided, artist Daniel Reyna sketched this classic F-100 by hand. Owner Julio Garcia of Ground Zero truck club wanted a truck that was both classic and modern, and this F-100 definitely delivers. Aired out on 22- and 24-inch Raceline wheels with a massive 10-inch rear lip, the modern stance and bright red big brakes combine flawlessly with the old-school paint scheme. Best of all, a massaged modern 5.0L Coyote V-8 resides underhood. This Blue Oval is a thing of classic truck beauty.

Flex Hard
Rendering by KEG Media

In addition to creating the follwoing three renderings the team at KEG Media are taking their designs a step further and bringing them to life for SEMA. This 2014 Silverado belongs to KEG Media frontman Robbie Bryant, who has designed and owned several past Truckin feature vehicles. This particular Chevy is being built at Full Flex Customs in Spring, Texas, and will be lifted on ICON coilovers, deep-lipped American Force wheels, and trail-ready Toyo tires. Adding further visual appeal, the truck will be custom-painted in a red and black two-tone with custom graphics and a variety of paint-matched suspension components. Even the wheels will receive the two-tone treatment. This beast is going to be a showstopper.

Rendering by KEG Media

KEG Media is bringing a 2014 Silverado to SEMA, but they decided to go all the way and bring a Sierra too. The GMC, built by Arkansas Customs, was dubbed Resurrected and will be covered in intricate airbrushing from Exile Airbrush. Sinewy undead–themed graphics run down each side of the body, and even the Fuel wheel lips and B&C Offroad Third Coast suspension components were carefully airbrushed. We can't wait to see this ominous custom at the show.

Rendering by KEG Media

The new GM trucks have been getting a lot of attention lately, so KEG Media decided it was time to create a seriously evil Tundra to compete. Known as HigherArchy, this Toyota looks like it's just waiting to crush its rivals, thanks to a B&C Third Coast lift kit, American Force wheels, and huge Mickey Thompson tires. Viking-style skull graphics create a dark theme, and Road Armor bumpers, Plain & Simple headlights, and Rigid LED lights make this truck truly threatening.