As far back as he can remember, Caleb Ness has been passionate about drawing cars and trucks. As a high school student in St. Cloud, Minnesota, he would spend hours drawing his friends' vehicles, and this passion led him to develop a sizable portfolio of renderings by the time he graduated. This portfolio later helped him to earn a scholarship to study Transportation Design at the famed College for Creative Studies in Detroit. There, he soon developed more interest in the artistic side of vehicle renderings, and eventually transferred to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is currently a full-time student there and creates renderings on the side while working toward his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Although he's still striving toward his dream job as a Transportation Artist, for now he's happy any time his artwork puts a smile on a truck owner's face. To see more of Caleb's work or commission a rendering, visit his website at You can also watch several time-lapse videos of him actually drawing cars and trucks on his YouTube channel at