Marcus Talamantez of Plano, Texas, first gained an interest in artwork during high school. Taking an advanced placement course led him to try his hand at digital art, and he quickly found he had an aptitude for it. After seeing how much it would cost to have a rendering done of his project truck, he thought, “I can do that myself,” and began experimenting with creating his own renderings. Starting out in entry-level image editor GIMP, he soon picked up a more powerful computer and a copy of Photoshop. He writes, “I didn’t have anyone to show me the roots of the programs or techniques, so I had to teach myself as I went.” Fortunately, he eventually met his friend Gerald Martin, who helped him improve his work and develop his own style.

Now, 21-year-old Marcus is studying graphic design in college, while creating renderings on the side under the moniker MT Designs. Over the years, he has created several renderings for Busted Knuckles projects, and even a few SEMA builds. When his spare time isn’t spent working on homework and clients’ renderings, he loves wrenching on his ’bagged Sierra project and cruising to shows with his Acrophobia family. To see more of Marcus’ work or commission a rendering for your project, search MT Designs on Facebook or contact him directly at