Working with rendering artists over the years, we’ve noticed that some create art solely for the enjoyment it brings them, while others are motivated by their real-life automotive projects. Preston Johnston, a welder and fabricator from British Columbia, Canada, falls into the second category. While working on a ’bagged Thunderbird SC in his driveway, he wanted to see how it would look laid out, so he fired up his old MS Paint software and got down to business. However, Preston freely admits his first rendering wasn’t exactly a masterpiece. “It looked horrible, but I loved the concept and kept at it with my own projects. After upgrading computers to something that could actually handle Photoshop, I started doing little things for my friends. Mostly color changes and wheels, or lowering a couple inches. It slowly took off from there.”

Soon, he was helping all his friends visualize their upcoming projects, and creating renderings for custom truck guys throughout the USA and Canada. When he’s not working with a keyboard and mouse, Preston spends his days as an industrial welder nine-to-five and automotive fabricator after hours. It’s a busy schedule, but he loves helping fellow truck guys make their dreams reality, and we can certainly appreciate that. To check out more of Preston’s work, follow Busted Knuckles Design and Fabrication on Facebook, or you can e-mail him directly at