(Pictured Above)
As a show of support for the U.S. Armed Forces, Karbon Kreationz recently chose to create one truck rendering for each branch of the military. This Ford Atlas–based concept, dubbed Devil’s Blood, was designed to represent the extreme toughness and strength of the Marines. With the recent unveiling of the new 2015 Ford F-150, we hope to see someone make this burly Blue Oval a reality.

Each month in Radical Renderings, we enjoy the opportunity to give up-and-coming artists some much-needed publicity and help show off their work to the world. However, we also like to periodically check in with experienced artists who we’ve featured in the past, seeing how their businesses have grown since their last feature. This month’s duo of artists, Bill and Scott Denham of studio Karbon Kreationz, fall into the second category. Since being featured in Radical Renderings back in 2011, Bill writes, “Business has grown exponentially, and we have expanded into new markets.” Bill and his brother Scott now offer services ranging from project vehicle marketing to vinyl vehicle wraps to website design.

After opening up shop in 2010, the brothers Denham have continually strived to remain on the cutting edge of car and truck renderings, following their motto “creativity comes standard.” Bill spends his days running the business and creating renderings, while Scott is working toward a degree in Business Management and Marketing and creating renderings in his free time. Together, they have steadily moved forward to create a successful family business while doing what they love -- and that’s something we can all respect. To see more of Bill and Scott’s work, head to karbonkreationz.com or check out Karbon Kreationz on Facebook.

Bill and Scott have been working closely with their good friend Carter Ingram on his 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS all-wheel-drive project, known as Smoke N’ Mirrors. The truck you see here will be unveiled at SEMA 2014, complete with a one-off fabricated frame and suspension, aircraft-inspired airbrushing, and a fully custom interior. We can’t wait to see this futuristic Chevy in person later this year.