If you’ve been involved in the custom fullsize truck or mini-truck scene for any substantial amount of time, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Surface DVD. Since its inception in the early ’00s, the company has documented the scene through video, photography, and artwork. Frontman Nick Crouch is responsible for much of the content found on Surface DVD’s website, including a wide range of jaw-dropping car and truck renderings. Nick is also one of the few artists capable of bridging the gap between traditional painting and realistic Photoshop work, adding even more variety to his portfolio. As you can see here, Nick has years of experience producing handcrafted art worthy of hanging on the walls of your house, as well as killer renderings to hang in your garage or workshop. To see more of Nick’s work, commission a rendering, or buy some merch for your next show, visit surface-dvd.com.

Above Photo: Faithful Truckin followers will remember this vicious rat rod from Issue 10 of 2012. Nick’s fluid brush strokes flawlessly re-create the Model A’s rusty patina, 454ci big-block, and black Bonspeed wheels.

Clean is the word we’d use to describe this slammed Chevy dualie. The sleek shaved body panels, candy apple red paint, and subtle graphics remind us there’s a good reason this body style is still popular.

This square body is a real blast from the past -- but with plenty of modern flair. The brown and beige paint harks back to the 1970s, but the truck’s slammed stance and deep-lipped billet Racelines are just right for any show today.