As high-tech as trucks and SUVs are, they often begin life as a pencil sketch on paper. The visual design of every project truck that you see in this magazine or production model that rolls off of an automaker's assembly line begins with the imagination of an artist or industrial designer who rolls out renderings on the automotive assembly line of their imagination. We at Truckin' have decided to share with you some of these designs from the top automotive artists on the scene.

That said, we introduce Ed White, also known as Fast Eddy, a CAD designer by day and hot rod creationist by night who divides dreams from dross to give shape to automotive fantasies. His renderings have appeared in quite a few magazines and have launched a few of Truckin's project vehicles, as well.

On this page you see one of the boldest of his works to cross our desks, so strange that it startled our boss and drew the rest of us into its weirdness. According to Eddy, this Jeep pickup sprung from a brainstorming session with a buddy. We think it spilled from that cow-skull-shaped scoop on the hood. A boxy Wrangler grille, fender flares, and vestigial running board impose their authority upon the truck's rounded lines in the same way a cannon lends gravitas to a tank. We'll let you tease out the rest of the design cues on this off-and on-road warrior.

Fast Eddy drew up this '96 S-10 extended cab for Mike Alexander, one of the editors of our sister magazine Mini Truckin', who is building this project right now. It may not be as over the top as the Jeep on the previous spread, but it is certainly a thumbs-up candidate for dropped and dragged freeway chaos. Mike says that it's the first S-10 to be body-dropped on 22s all the way around, and it will be powered by a 350 motor, and fully bodyworked and shaved. Did we mention that the S-10 will have righthand drive? We don't want to scoop Mike on this story, so keep your eyes trained on Mini Truckin' for the full-blown feature on this ride.

If you would like to see more of Fast Eddy's automotive renderings, then check out his website.

Ed White Artwork