As the main rendering artist for Graphic Disorder, Brandt Fuqua probably spends a lot of time in a dark room lit by the blue glow of a computer screen. There, he works with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, rendering with digital certainty automobiles imbued with a keen sense of what's cool now.

Take Honda's new Ridgeline pickup. Its beefy build looks almost top heavy. But, Brandt 'bagged and body-dropped it, raised the tailgate, and pancaked the hood on his rendition, making it appear to complement gravity, not defy it. The roll pan, shaved handles, gas door, bodylines, capped bed tops, and one-piece back glass serve to accentuate the Ridgeline's inherently cultured lines.

By blending all that with the silver and cyan color scheme slashed by a flamed beltline and a new billet grille with 22-inch Bonspeed Huntingtons, Brandt gives the Ridgeline what Honda never could: street cred.

This charmer's got the baby blue hues, which make women swoon for infants and he-men alike, split from the boy-next-door white with a lightning stroke of chrome. Brandt gave the SSR a trim, sculpted physique chipped from the Chevy retro cruiser's already athletic lines. 'Bagged, body-dropped, and gliding just inches from the asphalt over 20x9- and 22x12-inch Boyd Coddington Fury wheels, Brandt's SSR doesn't grab possession of the road so much as it assumes that it's always owned it.

Its custom billet grille insert, assertive SS Chevy vents, and pancaked hood exude confidence, while the molded-in side skirts, recessed exhaust ports, slimmed rear bumper, shaved handles and gas door, and marker lights recessed behind the grille suggest an urbane sense of style. You can see a high-ball bruiser from a mile away, but this smooth talker is likely to stroll up and whisk you away with only a wink and a smile.

If you want to learn more about Brandt Fuqua, contact: Graphic Disorder, 2190 Squirrel Hill Rd. Schwenksville, PA 19473,,