Shadowed by the brown slash of the Wasatch Mountains and with its temple benchmark indicating its earthly and spiritual center, Salt Lake City harbors Chris Peterson's automotive vision quest. Chris, 31, has been a car nut since he was a boy-an affliction that's unlikely to be healed by faith; instead, it's likely to be strengthened through execution.

Chris's style exhibits clean and simple lines. He applies this keep-it-simple style to concepts like this H2/Escalade-an idea that would look downright chimerical if it weren't for Chris's smooth approach. A slammed suspension, big wheels, a blunted Caddy front, and clean urban graphics frame the Escalade's urbanity within the H2's boxy shape.

Dropped and dangerous with a wilder graphic scheme, this is essentially a modded Ford Lightning. Chris raked the front end and chopped the roof; he ditched the back bumper and cut about 8 inches before reshaping the rear. Chris has worked as a pro graphic designer for a decade but started turning his skills and passion toward automotive design just a few years ago. He wants his obsession with cars, trucks, and bikes to become a thriving design and illustration business that crosses over to many areas in the automotive industry. With designs like these, it shouldn't be too long before Chris's goals become reality.

Chris Peterson can be reached at Dollar Graphics, (801) 652-5883,