Who knew that a Porsche Cayenne would actually look feasible as a gasser? Not us and not in SoCal, where high-end SUV drivers are more likely to race for parking spots than for pink slips. Of course, nowadays even rich folk are beginning to take notice of the rising cost of high-test gas. And high-test is what you need for designer Bo Zolland's Der Gasser.

Bo's fascination with cars began as a boy, and now you can see the Swedish designer's concepts everywhere. His ideas are not limited to automobiles. He dreams up boats, bikes, and even RV's. This Cayenne's got heat. With its organ pipes, fatty tires, and roll cage, Der Gasser is Bo's high-octane, high-priced antidote to crumpet-munching mediocrity.

Bo's Ford/Harley combo bulges with Americana, but inhabits its digital studio space with a Euro stance. A lot of designers execute their concepts in 3-D digital form, but not all of them exhibit Bo's clean, slick style. Among the tools he uses to realize his renderings are 3DS Max, Rhino, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Frame-Maker, and others.

Vizualtech is a one-man shop, but Bo leans on contractors for some 3-D jobs, translation, and other aspects of his job. The company handles a variety of 3-D projects, such as racing and automotive design, boating, and industrial design, sales and marketing images, animations, logotypes, and more, as well as technical manuals, cutaway and ghosted tech pictures, among other things. Be that as it may, we wouldn't mind it if he spent all of his time cranking out four-wheeled fantasies.

You can reach Bo Zolland at: